The Moonlit Night, Tonight

Srinagar, Kashmir

I’m so lost now …
Seeing you
In the breeze of the moonlit night …

That faraway moon brightens our long conversations so much,
That it feels
Like we could talk forever
In the deep of this moonlit night …

I’m so lost now
Looking deep in your eyes
As you whisper sweet nothings
In the breeze of the moonlit night tonight …

Mi Amor

Everyday with the rising sun, I wake up

To feel loved and peaceful …

Everyday I feel thankful for a love, so beautiful ….


Hearing the tune of your heartbeats,

I go crazy ….


Feeling the warmth of your every word,

I yearn to hear more ….


Looking at your smile,

I lose myself ….


Melting in your fond embrace,

I feel a glow ….

Everyday, consistently, constantly

I love you more

Everyday I fall for you, Mi Amor ….