The Moonlit Night, Tonight

Srinagar, Kashmir

I’m so lost now …
Seeing you
In the breeze of the moonlit night …

That faraway moon brightens our long conversations so much,
That it feels
Like we could talk forever
In the deep of this moonlit night …

I’m so lost now
Looking deep in your eyes
As you whisper sweet nothings
In the breeze of the moonlit night tonight …

Silently Miracle


Silently miracle

In a single moment,

So many miracles

To discover and to feel

The silent miracle within…

Eyes to see,

Even with closed eyes and

When darkness around…

Ears to listen,

Even when deaf and

Nothing to hear around…

Breath to breathe

The fragrance,

Even without flowers around…

In a single moment

Watch the miracle, in

The light and dark around,

Let the miracle silently flow within…