Detached Attachment


I was waiting
For you
And you didn’t show up
while my odes started to burn …
A heartache …

After a while,
There a humble person came along ..
Seemed so at the moment …
I asked him to take a picture of me and
There I sat at the corner of a bench
In the garden …
Took some time to
Get my mood toned
Up my unsettled face …
There the man waited patiently …
A gentleman ….

Once it’s all set yet unsteady
As I was,
I heard the man said, ‘Ready?’
Twinkled at him and said, ‘Yes’
Smiling …
With the chilly breeze that was
Passing through
I preferred my warm
Jacket kept aside
And my heavy heart smile
For the warmth I needed ….
A harmony ….

Later on I welcomed a friendly
Conversation with the stranger
He seemed to like all of it …
My chitter-chattering
And laughter flowed freely, naturally …
Then we started walking
In the garden, blooming all around
An attachment ….

The balance was the two umbrellas
For each of us,
His violet, mine yellow one
We were walking and talking
Keeping the in-between distance mindfully yet our heart-felt notions were quietly replaying …
The undefined mysteries of the world, meanwhile …
Letting love in our heart, unknowingly …
After a while, we faded into our different paths
Just two strangers with memories
A detachment ….





Tell me, what is that one odd yet beautiful encounter you experienced in your lifetime?


Let my love surrounds you

Like fireflies

A little light with wings

To fascinate your world wherever you are!

If you ever be in the midst of gloom

And loneliness envelops your soul,

I will always be right there

Like hundreds of shimmering fireflies

To light up your world …



At night

I slept well …

I saw you in my dream!

That’s surreal

This moment of joy is gifted by God ….



If only you knew ….

You’re always in my thoughts!

I do not know what tomorrow will bring …

For now,

I m too scared to get my heart broken!


run miles


u hold ur head up high

u ve got that exploration wings–

on ur way to new life


continue to

live on

move on

dream on

shine on

run ur miles.


its all urs-

no matter in whatever part of the wood u r/

at the tops of the trees, birds r always singing

freely, slowly hear their pretty twittering

over n over again!! 


nd a pleasant noise of crackling wood is there too,

nd the wild self in u is right

the insane is not so bad after all-

the creature in u may struggle weakly

look out at the darkening fields;

there r most terrific storm

battering against ur window

lightening crashing ur ground

thunder rolling loud in ur ear

clouds covering u with fear,

darkness loitering around u

but for a while only—

u survive each new storm

breaking urself until new;

sow some wild seeds with hope n prayer

never fear to grow up with that.

enjoy the broken, solitary, nd reinvention of u

nd still u couldn’t possibly have a bad life!!

life may seem pretty much entangled,

just don tie a rope round ur neck–

life happens all the time-

it wont follow u

until u knw urself.

so, keep running miles— 


always, u ve the candle

until proper shape n courage

nd shadows jump into light-

as u ve a genie inside-

set urself free!!

ask n get n

see the world around u,

nothing stops.

all run miles.


u ve got a story.

ur very own.

create it,

love it,

run miles.



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