And Promise Me …

The Good Traveler

And promise me
You’ll always remember:

Braver than you believe, and
Stronger than you seem, and
Smarter than you think.”

A. A Milne, Winnie the Pooh



On the road

Sonamarg, Kashmir


I know exactly

How it would be to meet you …


It might happen

That I might be busy observing you

Once if we meet ever …

It might happen

That I might forget to drink water

In front of you …


Which colour do you like?

How do you smile?

Are you talkative?

Or quiet like me!

Or you talk gibberish like me

I m sure I might talk gibberish in front of you though …

Out of my belly butterflies 🦋


I ll be busy

Observing you

How do you look?

How do you talk?

What do you prefer wearing?

Are you nervous?

Do you need your space to feel relaxed a little bit

Then you would get up and go to the outside for a while … (to take deep breaths?!)

Have you also forgotten to drink water

In front of me?

Just like me?


Exactly how you will start the conversation

With me?

Would it be casual or formal?

I think you ll be formal

Gradually you ll be casual that I know

It might happen after a while

That we both are laughing on a joke

The joke might be just about our time …

That our time is so silly billy


I know

How it would be to meet you …

However it might happen that

I will never see you in life …


But look, I swear

In the solemn silence of everyday dawn

I meet you from afar!

Everyday I meet you as the soft yellow sun rises in the far away skyline

And the birds sing to me the prose of our meeting

And the soft breeze portrays to me

Exactly how our first meeting would be …


Now tell me

Can I not know you from afar?

What do you say?




Date someone you like ….
A little coffee. A little sunlight. A painting.


He knows

He is perfect anyways,
And he doesn’t need to change anything.
Just he has changed my life
I never told him that, but I think he knows!



In this moment,

In this pouring rain,

I’m, absent-mindedly,

remembering you.

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Like it leaves you a blossom filled with lightening feelings …..

Love story,

A blend of realism n romantic escapism

Strangely enough, it s a world full of feelings~

Like you are sad, and you are not;

Like your weeping inside, and you are not;

Like you know the truth, and you deny;

Like it empties you, and you are not lonely;

Like it leaves you a blossom filled with lightening feelings,

Like just so delicately you travel all by yourself;

Like a pure silence, and a sacred ritual;

Like a flowing waterfall, and you see your reflection;

Like you carry your heart deeper in another’s bosom;

Like a myth, false or true!!

Like just so touchy, and too much poetic without words~

Like its filled with passionate intensity,

Like a blend of deep sadness and immense happiness within,

Most powerfully for a swan like solitary soul, or

Like it has the capacity to make one as such!!!

Love story,

Like you are singing a timeless tune;

Like you rediscover a Love-story within~

Like you find a tranquility deep within;

Like you are never sorry.