A Home

I haven’t met you
I haven’t seen you
But often I feel a home in you …





Where the glacier meets the sky, the land ceases to be earthly, and the earth becomes one with the heavens; no sorrows live there anymore, and therefore joy is not necessary; beauty alone reigns there, beyond all demands”-

Halldór Laxness

A Postcard from Kashmir

Meeting among The Mountains

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

I dreamt of walking
On mountains
I dreamt of meeting
You ….

Here I’m walking
On the lands of magical mountains …
High above the crowds and the clouds,
Under the ancient pine trees
I’m in its close embrace ..
Surrendering to the magnificence …
Believe, I could see nothing
In the thread of mist
Caressing the wind
Everywhere I see
You …

Only you …


Heart full of gratitude for this gift of being alive to see the magnificent heavenly beauty by The Divine.

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth


Soft yellow breeze …
Sweetness surrounds …
Such tenderness …
Yet a melancholy mood …







I feel a little alive and happier
Now a days
It’s all because of you …..

I feel a more lost and restless
Now a days
It’s also because of you …..


Diamond is Forever

You shine, then I shine through you

That you are
a diamond
is true; cause
you sparkle

I sparkle;
just as a dew on
a petal; you shine
then i shine

You twinkle
thereon I twinkle
like a beautiful star
cause a diamond
is forever.
its true.

Cause you are
my diamond
and I love u and
its forever



Here’s me

Waiting passionately ….

Becoming a gentle rising tide towards eternity

Loving this wait, patiently

For the same kind of gentle tide like me …

It’s not always what it seems, I’m aware of it though

But when you say it, I believe that

I believe that you keep me safe in your soul so pure and

I admire you so much that I doubt not at all

I love to wait passionately for you.

The more I wait, the lesser become my doubts if any

Again I must know, it’s not always what it seems

So I must humble my manners and pray to the Glorious afar

That shines in all the time here and there too

I know this feeling is way down inside

So with much patience

I take my shower soulfully with a thought, ‘Why are you there? Why have you come from such distance with so much care?’

There’s no need to ask anything

I’ve listened carefully and learned

It’s you, bright and strong

I’m so glad I met you.

I see myself in between disaster and beauty

A spirit of love begin to stir

And a tune I’m humming that I love you

So tender, so true.

Meanwhile I accept the fact that it’s not always what it seems …

For a while the feeling may remain.

Let it be

Each morning as I rise

I continue my prayers endlessly

As here I’m

Waiting so passionately

For you



In this moment,

In this pouring rain,

I’m, absent-mindedly,

remembering you.

Photo by Anil Kumar Giridhar on Pexels.com