Grey isn’t What I’m Meant to be …

Life is somewhat grey
Just monotony
Lost and lonely …

Don’t you know?

Only when you stay
Life is colorful ….
A hopeful glow
Echoes of brighter joy
Birds sing cheerful songs
Rays of sunshines warm my cheeks
My yellow dyed dreams return …

Now it’s grey
Everywhere …

When will you come?
Without you, I feel grey ….

Don’t you know?
Grey isn’t what I’m meant to be …


Lonely Bird/ একলা পাখি

A little bird, all alone;
How to find
A home of its soul.

একটি ছোট পাখি, একা;
ভাবছে বসে,
কিভাবে পাবে
তার আত্মার একটি বাড়ি! ♥