Meeting among The Mountains

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

I dreamt of walking
On mountains
I dreamt of meeting
You ….

Here I’m walking
On the lands of magical mountains …
High above the crowds and the clouds,
Under the ancient pine trees
I’m in its close embrace ..
Surrendering to the magnificence …
Believe, I could see nothing
In the thread of mist
Caressing the wind
Everywhere I see
You …

Only you …


Heart full of gratitude for this gift of being alive to see the magnificent heavenly beauty by The Divine.

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

Travelling Alone is Therapy

Let nothing and no one stop me…..

All on my own, I made my way; 

Through the dark of night and bright of day,

Dreams are there for me in that shining evening ray.

Sometimes I feel as if I had spent my whole life dreaming…. dreaming to fall and wait for the moment when I would hit the water all alone….alone on a lonely beach.

Though, in the midst of such vastness, it wouldn’t be possible for me to view such beauty and serenity all by myself…

I’m not meant to be alone…

I don’t want to be alone….

I can’t be so self-centered….

I’m not made in this way.

But you know, sometimes though, you need to be alone, all by yourself.

When you’re by yourself, you’re forced to think.

Travelling alone, I believe, is like medication.

Because it makes u test yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Well I dream to travel alone & travelling alone is one of my precious dreams.

Dreams are there to unlock imagination.


I believe where there’s a true and honest dream, there’s always a way.

I find travelling an opportunity not to relax;

But also a means to mingle freely with co-travelers.

Besides, the feeling of freedom makes it easier for one to interact with people from all walks of life.

And I love people and places.

In the little space of my daily life, in which I make and re-make relationships with everyone that I encounter and whom I find my dearests, I love to use a little adventurous mode.

It’s in my nature: Adventurous.

But solo trip to some place had been a mere dream only.

Or it must be better to admit that I had only loved to dream about it.

Never had I made it my long-cherished dream the way I dream of it now.

Now, as the days pass, I begin to embrace uncertainty. I realize that it’s from venturing into the unknown that I learn more what it means to be human and above all, what it means to be free.

Fragility is what I think I’m…..very sensitive to life’s little things.

At times it breaks you from inside.

Travelling alone would definitely teach me to overcome many unnecessary emotions.

Travelling alone would give me the chance to do things that I never thought I could; that I could completely rely on myself for everything.

I’m a nature-lover.

I prefer wilderness. Or should I say I love Travelling for the travelling’s’ sake.

You know, life can be exciting EN ROUTE anyway you look at it.

Through travelling,

You learn that people, in general, are helpful and that come along your journey.

You meet people from all around the world, some of whom may become life-long friends.

Through travelling,

You become a better, more self-reliant person.

You impact the lives of those you encounter in your journey in a positive way.

All we have to do is to learn by being introspective, by creating and discovering new enchanted emotional space rather than physical space.

I know, as a woman travelling alone, I would face issues that a man wouldn’t. But I think I’m unafraid. Because I’m a true heart. I won’t do wrongs to anyone. I don’t want to hurt even. I know I’ve my own mountains to climb. I have to face issues that might come along my paths. But those are for me only a literal mountain. Climbing Real Mountain is yet to come in my life, and it’ll only come forward if I start travelling alone.

You know I love challenges too.

Travelling is a way of life and travelling alone needs more attitudes towards embracing the anticipation of the UNKNOWN.

So here I’m on a journey to the destination of my own dream.

Let nothing and no one stop me.

Bon Voyage!!