Meeting among The Mountains

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

I dreamt of walking
On mountains
I dreamt of meeting
You ….

Here I’m walking
On the lands of magical mountains …
High above the crowds and the clouds,
Under the ancient pine trees
I’m in its close embrace ..
Surrendering to the magnificence …
Believe, I could see nothing
In the thread of mist
Caressing the wind
Everywhere I see
You …

Only you …


Heart full of gratitude for this gift of being alive to see the magnificent heavenly beauty by The Divine.

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

run miles


u hold ur head up high

u ve got that exploration wings–

on ur way to new life


continue to

live on

move on

dream on

shine on

run ur miles.


its all urs-

no matter in whatever part of the wood u r/

at the tops of the trees, birds r always singing

freely, slowly hear their pretty twittering

over n over again!! 


nd a pleasant noise of crackling wood is there too,

nd the wild self in u is right

the insane is not so bad after all-

the creature in u may struggle weakly

look out at the darkening fields;

there r most terrific storm

battering against ur window

lightening crashing ur ground

thunder rolling loud in ur ear

clouds covering u with fear,

darkness loitering around u

but for a while only—

u survive each new storm

breaking urself until new;

sow some wild seeds with hope n prayer

never fear to grow up with that.

enjoy the broken, solitary, nd reinvention of u

nd still u couldn’t possibly have a bad life!!

life may seem pretty much entangled,

just don tie a rope round ur neck–

life happens all the time-

it wont follow u

until u knw urself.

so, keep running miles— 


always, u ve the candle

until proper shape n courage

nd shadows jump into light-

as u ve a genie inside-

set urself free!!

ask n get n

see the world around u,

nothing stops.

all run miles.


u ve got a story.

ur very own.

create it,

love it,

run miles.



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