Meeting among The Mountains

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth

I dreamt of walking
On mountains
I dreamt of meeting
You ….

Here I’m walking
On the lands of magical mountains …
High above the crowds and the clouds,
Under the ancient pine trees
I’m in its close embrace ..
Surrendering to the magnificence …
Believe, I could see nothing
In the thread of mist
Caressing the wind
Everywhere I see
You …

Only you …


Heart full of gratitude for this gift of being alive to see the magnificent heavenly beauty by The Divine.

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth


Author: roksanaamelia

An Ambivert An Artist: Love to read, write, paint, and travel. Love taking photographs as well. While I focus on imagining, knowing and divining, my core IKIGAI is to serve and smile. Gratitude: Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to knock me if you have anything to ask, have a read, leave a comment and/or follow me. Thank you once again😊

20 thoughts on “Meeting among The Mountains”

  1. प्रकृति की गोद में,,,
    छटाएं मुस्कुराए ,,,
    प्रकृति के प्रेमी,,,
    प्रकृति संग गुनगुनाए,,,

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      1. No problem my friend.
        I love hindi songs, and so initially I added a hindi song. Later on, I changed the song to an instrumental music only. I loved that Andre Rieu’s Orchestra ‘O Sole Mio’- thought it would be more perfect for this. You can check the music again, if you wish!

        Yes, in the lap of nature we always feel the love of God.

        Thanks once again for your time here.

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