Prayers of Happiness

A simple prayer
Powerful enough
‘You deserve happy’ …

You think you can stop loving someone,
But in reality
You can only hide that feeling,
You never stop loving …
Because once you love someone,
There’s no undoing it …
There’s only prayers of
Happiness for them …


A Home

I haven’t met you
I haven’t seen you
But often I feel a home in you …





Where the glacier meets the sky, the land ceases to be earthly, and the earth becomes one with the heavens; no sorrows live there anymore, and therefore joy is not necessary; beauty alone reigns there, beyond all demands”-

Halldór Laxness

A Postcard from Kashmir

Her Last Inscription

To love you again and again….

She’s truly honest
In her honest prayers!!
Though within her unspeakable despair
And impossibility,
She couldn’t go away any far;
But come near quite eternally
Tearing her heart apart, so empty!!

All frailties alone cast upon
Her feeble hope that always exits;
Just to the time, her nature reigns
Faith and so unfair her pains,
By and by make the despair ever widening
And her even wider tears itself betwixt,
Watching all souls’ cruel wits.

Impossibility goes not to heaven
Like a weak and an easy prey;
Thinking is not same as knowing,
So at her best, she spends in praying,
Trusting alone each and everyday.
At times, she even tries to cease time…..
But not her endless pray.

(Whatever you wish:

Kill you can
Know you not;
Truth is her lord
And alone you shall be;
‘My dear, (she whispers softly)
I’ll serve what you deserve,
Even if you talk
So ungratefully.

:Whenever you wish)

The injustice rankles yet,
But more often loving comes to her aid.
It is always worth the keeping
Her emotion that rises and trips away springs;
For the sake of her truth, she alone brings
The words that breathe a reason
Scaring the unfinished conversation.

Though her skies be too dark
With flowers in odor and even in hue in sight,
Now she excludes all and wanders in peace!!
Being more calm and bright,
She lets all passes by;
To enter her heaven, the endless light,
Lastly, she takes her flight.

So long, she loved at her best,
A bittersweet farewell to her dear is the rest!!
She writes her last inscription just to let you in,
“Please don’t hurt my honest prayers,
Forgive my selfish tear and my soulful being;
As I would take rebirth in this world,
To love you again and again.”