Detached Attachment


I was waiting
For you
And you didn’t show up
while my odes started to burn …
A heartache …

After a while,
There a humble person came along ..
Seemed so at the moment …
I asked him to take a picture of me and
There I sat at the corner of a bench
In the garden …
Took some time to
Get my mood toned
Up my unsettled face …
There the man waited patiently …
A gentleman ….

Once it’s all set yet unsteady
As I was,
I heard the man said, ‘Ready?’
Twinkled at him and said, ‘Yes’
Smiling …
With the chilly breeze that was
Passing through
I preferred my warm
Jacket kept aside
And my heavy heart smile
For the warmth I needed ….
A harmony ….

Later on I welcomed a friendly
Conversation with the stranger
He seemed to like all of it …
My chitter-chattering
And laughter flowed freely, naturally …
Then we started walking
In the garden, blooming all around
An attachment ….

The balance was the two umbrellas
For each of us,
His violet, mine yellow one
We were walking and talking
Keeping the in-between distance mindfully yet our heart-felt notions were quietly replaying …
The undefined mysteries of the world, meanwhile …
Letting love in our heart, unknowingly …
After a while, we faded into our different paths
Just two strangers with memories
A detachment ….





Tell me, what is that one odd yet beautiful encounter you experienced in your lifetime?

I Sense You ….

watching sunset ✿ܓsimple and shiny

In the stillness of the lake
As I keep still,
I sense you
I sense a feeling of warmth
Flowing inside me …
I sense a reflection of you
Residing inside me …
So beautiful and mesmerising …
I sense the strength to move along
In various ups and downs of life
With you and you only …








dilkash rahe zindagi hai bas yahi dua sun lo naa

Diamond is Forever

You shine, then I shine through you

That you are
a diamond
is true; cause
you sparkle

I sparkle;
just as a dew on
a petal; you shine
then i shine

You twinkle
thereon I twinkle
like a beautiful star
cause a diamond
is forever.
its true.

Cause you are
my diamond
and I love u and
its forever



At night

I slept well …

I saw you in my dream!

That’s surreal

This moment of joy is gifted by God ….



If only you knew ….
You’re always in my thoughts!
I do not know what tomorrow will bring …
For now,
I m too scared to get my heart broken!


A Reflection of You

is nothing but a reflection of me ….

A reflection of you-
A love that spans the miles.

A reflection of you-
The steady noonday sunbeams.

A reflection of you-
The unfolding of words.

A reflection of you-
A plain-spoken philosophy.

A reflection of you-
An ambient naturalism.

A reflection of you-
A friend, most protective.

A reflection of you-
A promise of a lifetime happiness.

A reflection of you-
A flash of lightening in darkness.

A reflection of you-
The soft caress closeness.

A reflection of you-
Too tempting and warm.

A reflection of you-
Something nice about something wrong.

A reflection of you-
A seamless flowing movement.

A reflection of you-
The beating to joyful rhythms.

A reflection of you-
An endless age, inside and out.

A reflection of you-
Thus the windows to my heart.

A reflection of you-
A pleasing proportionality.

A reflection of you-
The threads of my antic tapestry.

A reflection of you-
The reflective silence.

A reflection of you-
Is the mirror of a beautiful reflection?

A reflection of you-
Is nothing but a reflection of me.